All Trade Direct 18 X Mixed Scotchlok Scotchloks Scotchlock Scotchlocks We Sell Yellow Red & Blue Price: £1.99 (as of 26/10/2021 14:50 PST- Details)


Welcome to the AllTrade Direct Amazon Shop Trade supplies now available to all!!This listing is for a new pack of Scotchlock wiring connectors. Quantity: 8x Red Scotchlocks 8x Blue Scotchlocks 2x Yellow Scotchlocks We sell these in many pack sizes including MIXED packs! Red Scotchlocks, Blue Scotchlocks and Yellow Scotchlocks can be found here: Click this link to view the other Scotchlock products we sell! Item description: Suitable for low voltage applications Quicksplice wiring connectors can be used to tap into an existing wire feed or parallel splice two cables together.These connectors are quick and easy to use; no need to strip wires – the connector does this for you!Just a set of pliers and the job is doneQuicksplice wiring connectors are also known as Scotchlok, Scotchlock, Scotchlocks, Snap Lock, Splice Connectors, Self Stripping Connectors. Technical Specification:Please note:In order to make a good connection it is important to use the correct colour scotchlock for the size of wire being joined.We at AllTrade Direct have noticed that there is a lot of confusing information regarding the correct scotchlock/ wire size application.To help our customers make the right choice, we have personally tested and measured our range:-The following sizes are 100% accurate.Red Scotchlocks = Wiring Size of 0.5mm2 – 1.0mm2 (19 AWG – 17AWG)Blue Scotchlocks = Wiring Size of 1.0mm2 – 2.5mm2 (17 AWG – 13AWG) Yellow Scotchlocks = Wiring Size of 3.0mm2 – 4.5mm2 (12 AWG – 10AWG)Guides and Methods:The METHOD of adding a tap wire to existing wiring:-A) Install through run wire:- Use slot in scotchlok to insert through run wire.B) Install tap wire end :- Insert Tap wire end into Tap Hole (Closest to the snap cover hinge)Push tap wire end into the hole as far as possible, up against the plastic end guide.C) Carefully hold both wires in place, squeeze down the metal insert with pliers and snap the cover closed.

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