Boiler-m8 Defender Magnetic Boiler System Filter 22mm Price: £44.97 (as of 26/01/2021 22:30 PST- Details)

Guaranteed Replacement Part
2 Year Extended Warranty
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The Defender for Your Heating System

With a combination of high power magnetic and stainless steel filtration, the new Boiler-m8™ magnetic system filters provide the defence for your heating system.

EZY-Clean Magnet Stack

Normally installed to the return flow after the last radiator, system water is diverted through the 360 degree diverter into the filter body. Our filter design reduces the flow of water allowing the high strength EZY-Clean magnet stack and stainless steel particulate filter to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic debris from the system. Thanks to advanced design and gravity, non-magnetic debris falls out of suspension and is collected in the high capacity body, leaving the EZY-Clean magnet stack to do its job.

Simple Servicing & Maintenance

With a purposely designed internal capacity of 550ml, dosing the heating system with inhibitor or cleaner is a no longer a time consuming affair. Simply turn the easy grip isolating valves and invert the filter body, remove the filter cap and add the chemical of your choice. Replace the cap, invert the body and turn on the isolating valves – it’s as simple as that!

All Boiler-m8™ filters are supplied with a manual air-vent installed, a handy auto air-vent can be specified as an option.

All Boiler-m8™ filters feature high capacity stainless steel particulate filters that cannot become clogged, and an EZY-Clean magnet stack with removable sheath to allow quick and efficient disposal of magnetic debris.
Guaranteed Replacement Part
2 Year Extended Warranty
Express Delivery Available
Same Day Dispatch for Orders Placed Before 15:30 Mon-Fri
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