10 metres of Climaflex (10m) for 15mm outside diameter bore pipes – Foam Insulation Lagging 9mm wall thick thickness

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10 x 1 Meters Lengths of 15mm pipe insulation. Insulation thickness is 9mm Genuine New Climaflex Branded closed-cell Polyethylene Pipe Insulation for pipes. Slit down one side for ease of putting on, highly flexible, dust free, easy install Non absorbent by water – ok for outdoor usage Thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/Mk of 0 dec C Temperature range -45 to 105 degrees centigrade Normal Density – 30kg/ cubic meter Physiologically Neutral – does not rot Grey in colour WHY USE PIPE INSULATION Energy Conservation Pipe insulation is also very important for keeping heat in the pipes and ensuring that it is conveyed to its destination without excessive heat loss. Pipes may run through cold spaces such as garages and roof voids where you don’t want heat loss into these spaces as this will make the heating system less efficient. There is also good reason to insulate heating pipes running through heated spaces to prevent overheating of rooms within properties. This way heat is delivered directly to the radiators with thermostatic controls in habitable rooms without excessive losses in circulation areas. In larger buildings secondary hot water circulation and heating pipes must be insulated to prevent overheating in corridors where pipes are often located as this greatly improves the efficient of the system especially where the hot water heating boiler may not be as efficient as the space heating boiler. Rule of thumb – the bigger the pipe diameter the thicker the insulation should be for effective insulation. Some example pipe heat loss calculations for 22mm copper pipe are; no insulation=61 watts/ meter, 9mm insulation=11.3w/m, 13mm insulation=8.3w/m. So if you had 10 meters of flow and return pipes in a garage or roof space, your would giving over 600 watts of heating to your garage/ loft which would be wasted energy. Frost Protection Winter usage of pipe insulation is to protect pipes against frost damage.

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