Oase Filter BioPress set 6000

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Oase BioPress Set Pressure Filter
These two pressure filter sets are both made from a pressure filter BioPress with integrated UVC and the suitable matched filter pump. They guarantee clear water to create a healthy climate for the pond life.
The product features:
Guaranteed clear water thanks to the mechanical biological filtration, combined with effective UVC technology.Incl. OASE filter pump 2500/3500. is simple and comfortable cleaning of the filter by cleaning mechanism.Quick release for easy opening and closing for maintenance purposes of the filter.Different filter materials for optimal settlement of filter biology. To integrate with burrow almost invisible in the water garden. Located higher flows can be blended with purified water dishes.Includes all hose adaptors for quick mounting.
Oase BioPress Set 6000
Item No: 950453
Oase BioPress Set 10000
Item No: 950455

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